You can share the same controller/keyboard to play with a friend! Or you can play on your own and control both the original sheep and it's clone!


Original Sheep: Arrows to move and jump. Space to make/remove clone.

Clone: A and D to move. W to jump.

TIP: Clones don't feel any pain, use them to your advantage, and collect all the rubies!


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ShadowCloneSheep-Windows.rar 23 MB 40 MB
ShadowCloneSheep-Windows(JimJamVersion).rar 23 MB
ShadowCloneSheep-Mac(JimJamVersion).zip 40 MB


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Whoa, took me some time to get use to how this game works controlling the clone and all, this is AMAZING, I need some more play time with it before I can rate it though, but I will be back, so far I LOVE THIS GAME!! :)

Thank you so much for commenting! Beating the game you  can see the truth behind the clones! I won't spoil!

If you get to the end, comment here what you thought! :)


I can't wait, again, really well thought out, definitely a challenging and fun take on platforms!


xD love the sheep sounds !

I was making this game and laughing all the time with the sounds! :D